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Beauty and the Bolt + Reinvented Magazine

Reinvented and Beauty and the Bolt are excited and proud to announce that we will be merging in 2021. Over the last four years, Beauty and the Bolt has grown from just a YouTube Channel to a full nonprofit, serving thousands of diverse students across the country. From their maker tutorials to their Princesses with Power Tools Program, they have been showing girls that they don’t have to choose between STEM and being a Princess, they can be both. Xyla Foxlin, the current Executive Director of Beauty and the Bolt, will be stepping down to pursue a new solar adventure, leaving her organization in Reinvented’s care, and we have every intention of keeping on the path of reinventing the way the world views women in STEM and continuing to remind everyone that “brilliant is beautiful.” We are so excited to see where this next year takes us. Stay tuned for more updates in 2021.

Check out Xyla’s full statement regarding the merger below, and don’t forget to check out the 2021 Princesses with Powertools Calendar while you’re at it:!


Xyla Foxlin - Executive Director at Beauty and the Bolt
Xyla Foxlin - Executive Director of Beauty and the Bolt

Dear Friends,

I am extraordinarily proud and excited to share that Beauty and the Bolt will be merging with Reinvented Inc. come 2021. Over the last four years, Beauty and the Bolt has grown from just a YouTube channel into a full nonprofit, serving thousands of diverse students across the country. We have made over 10 million impressions on YouTube, accumulated over 22 thousand subscribers, and created over 50 engaging and educational videos hosted by women in STEM. Our Princesses with Power Tools program has toured the country and taught over 5,000 kids (and big kids!) how to use power tools for the first time.

For me personally, it’s been so much more than that. It’s been years filled with close friendships, hysterical mistakes, wonderful mentors, unforgettable events, and so many incredible lessons learned. It’s forced me to grow as an engineer, a leader, a creator, and a mentor. Most importantly, it’s taught me that no matter where I end up in life, I must always find the time to give back, share knowledge and kindness, and help others. As minorities, we must reinforce the ladder as we climb it, not take it with us on our travels.

I will be stepping down as Executive Director of Beauty and the Bolt to pursue a new solo adventure, and my excitement is undamped as I know I’m leaving the organization in the best possible hands. Caeley Looney and the rest of the Reinvented Inc. team have the exact same goal as us: to inspire the next generation of girls to be leaders in STEM fields, and they, too, do it through creative and innovative media. I will remain involved through the transition and for the foreseeable future, and this year’s Princesses with Power Tools Calendar is the first collaboration between the two organizations. I urge you all to begin following the new Reinvented x Beauty and the Bolt journey, and never forget that Brilliant is Beautiful.


Xyla Foxlin

Executive Director, Beauty and the Bolt

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