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12 Real Women & Nonbinary Individuals. Doing Their Real Jobs.



Sales are now open! We have a limited number of calendars this year and expect them to sell out fast, so be sure to set a reminder so you don't miss your chance at scoring a 2024 calendar!

What makes this calendar so special?

We set out to create a calendar featuring the classic Princesses many of us grew up with. Too often, young girls are presented with the idea that they can be either a princess or an engineer: we are proving they can be both. Our Princesses with Power Tools Calendar is a perfect example of that-- featuring 12 incredible women and nonbinary individuals in STEM and the Trades doing their work in a princess gown.


Inspired by Beauty and the Bolt's incredibly popular #PrincessesWithPowerTools program which has taught nearly 10,000 kids to use their first power tool, this one-of-a-kind calendar is back! With your help, Reinvented Inc. is determined to get even more calendars to students and teachers in 2024 than ever before!

Calendars Designed by Morgan Leung & Tessa Miceli (lettering)

Meet the 2024 Princesses