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12 Real Women & Nonbinary Individuals. Doing Their Real Jobs.



Sales are now open! We have a limited number of calendars this year and expect them to sell out fast, so be sure to set a reminder so you don't miss your chance at scoring a 2024 calendar!

What makes this calendar so special?

We set out to create a calendar featuring the classic Princesses many of us grew up with. Too often, young girls are presented with the idea that they can be either a princess or an engineer: we are proving they can be both. Our Princesses with Power Tools Calendar is a perfect example of that-- featuring 12 incredible women and nonbinary individuals in STEM and the Trades doing their work in a princess gown.


Inspired by Beauty and the Bolt's incredibly popular #PrincessesWithPowerTools program which has taught nearly 10,000 kids to use their first power tool, this one-of-a-kind calendar is back! With your help, Reinvented Inc. is determined to get even more calendars to students and teachers in 2024 than ever before!

Calendars Designed by Morgan Leung & Tessa Miceli (lettering)

Meet the 2024 Princesses

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“This calendar masterfully portrays some of today’s leading female scientists as both feminine and technically skilled. It’s important to me that we represent the multifaceted realities of being a woman in STEM today for younger students so they can grow up wanting to be smart, brave, and beautiful - like their favorite princesses with powertools!”

— Davina Durgana, PhD (September, 2020)


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We're bring back our donation program to help get even more calendars into classrooms this year than ever before! Educators and school workers can request donated calendars by filling out the form via the button below.  





We will be doing our best to fulfill all of the donation requests that we receive this year, but it really is all up to you and how much we can raise through our 'donate a calendar' option above! So please consider donating a calendar today!


Want to learn about even more inspiring women in STEAM?

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