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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do guest articles get published?

Most of our guest articles are published in our blog on our website.

What does the guest writing process look like?

After we approve your idea proposal, you will have one week to submit the first draft of your article. When you submit your first draft, our Writing Directors will review and provide comments/ feedback. Once they have sent back their comments on your first draft, you will have another week to provide them with a second draft with the changes implemented. Our Writing Directors will again provide any comments, suggestions, or revisions to your second draft. After the second round of reviews, your second draft will be sent over to our proofreaders to check for grammatical errors. Once the second draft has been reviewed by both our Writing Directors and proofreaders, you will get one last chance to make any final fixes before we publish it on our website. The sooner you get your drafts turned around, the sooner it is published on the website.

How should we submit our drafts?

Please use Google Docs to write your drafts. This makes it easier for our Writing Directors to access your article and provide comments. When you send your draft, you will just need to send us the link to the Google Doc with the ability to make suggestions. If you don’t have a Google account, a Word Document will also be accepted.

What is the suggested word count?

Most of our online articles are about 600-800 words. However, this is a loose requirement so if you feel you need more or less, that’s also acceptable. We are focused more on the content of the article as opposed to setting strict word counts.

What are my deadlines?

We ask for no more than one week turnaround per draft.

How do I cite my sources for an online article?

Most are in-line links to sources. Please visit our online blog to read through a few of our articles and get a good feel for how we do citations for online articles.

Do I need to provide a picture?

Yes, all online articles need to provide at least one picture to be used as the featured image on your article. This image will be displayed alongside the title and author of the article on the website. Feel free to add additional images to the body of your article as needed.

What kind of pictures can I use?

You will either need to have full rights to the image that you plan to use, or the image needs to be copyright free. If you have any questions about whether or not the image you’d like to choose is copyright free, please reach out to the Writing Directors or Proofreader.

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