• One-for-One


    Reinvented's One-for-One Program ensures that for every one copy sold, up to one print copy is donated to an underprivileged woman.


  • Donating More Magazines

    The donated copies of Reinvented Magazine are given to Title I schools, STEM clubs for girls, low-income, and rural areas with limited access to STEM resources.

  • Shipping Materials & Cost

    Through this initiative, over 3,500 copies of Reinvented magazines have already made their way to girls.

  • Funding the STEM Materials for Girls


    Girls are underrepresented or might not have access to educational resources. By learning about women icons, more women will be inspired to enter STEM-related careers and pursue their passion. 


Donate and help young women in STEM worldwide

Your donations will go a long way at Reinvented Magazine. You are not only helping us further our mission but also helping fuel the aspirations of girls who want to go into STEM. We have 4,000 copies of Issue 5 to send to girls across the country to spark their passion for STEM and provide them with female STEM role models. As a supporter, you can also receive a digital copy of Issue 5 so you can see the inspiration your donation is providing our readers.

Funding Goes Towards

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