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Ask Gloria

Run into a tough situation you need help navigating? Facing gender bias? Maybe you just want to know how to deal with lazy class project team members? Whatever it is, Ask Gloria! Your question may even be featured in our next issue!

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Gloria Kimbwala

About Gloria

Gloria Kimbwala is CEO and founder of Shule, a startup that tokenizes international experiential learning systems in decentralized education. 


Previously to venturing out on her own, she was Square's University Tech Evangelist where she focused on helping connect people to the tools, programs, and support they need to enter the technology industry.  This includes leading programs such as Square's Code Camps, an immersion program that supports college women in pursuing careers in technology. She is passionate about making the blockchain ecosystem an inclusive and diverse space for all, including diversity of age, sexual orientation, ability, race, gender, and life experiences. Her hope is that all people will be encouraged to BUIDL solutions that benefit their communities. She was recently named on the Top Ten Women in Fintech by Fintech Ranking.  Her non-traditional path into technology includes a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies and a Master's degree in Computer Science. Gloria is the Technical Advisor on the Society of Women Coder's (SOWCoder's) Board which brings technical skills to women across the globe. In her spare time, you can find her coding with her sons, doing yoga, and playing the drums.

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