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April Member of the Month: Charlotte Picardo

Each month, the Reinvented team votes on a Member of the Month based on factors including dedication to the team, team spirit, and contributions to Reinvented. We are beyond proud to call Charlotte one of our volunteers and are thrilled to recognize her as our April Member of the Month!

A headshot of Charlotte Picardo - April Member of the Month
Charlotte Picardo - April Member of the Month

Charlotte Picardo | Accounting Staff - Finance Department

Education: Year 12 at Kingsley Academy

How did you get involved in STEM?

I have studied STEM subjects like Science and Maths during my primary, secondary and high school which were compulsory to study but also quite interesting. However, I am more inclined towards the theoretical, combination of social and physical aspects of Science - the Humanities. I believe that STEM is such a diverse and important field as it pervades every part of our life, with much broader focus on real-life situations. I'm also involved with other Educational based organisations, one of them known as SparkED, which is a student led non-profit org that equips youth with resources to educate, empower, & enable them to make informed decisions about their career & life, where I volunteer as the Director of HR and Operations. Some of my duties include structuring, recruitment, interviewing, aiding in the executive departments, overseeing chapter presidents and conducting team meetings to ensure that we are working towards the goals.

Why did you join Reinvented Magazine?

I joined the Reinvented Magazine organization around January 2021 due to its mission of reinventing "the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM for young women worldwide. I've been so inspired that this organization supports, employers and uplifts all women despite being a patriarchal society in order to "Reinvent The Future". Firstly, from hosting 'Recognising Reinventors' through an annual award ceremony to honor women not only in STEM fields, but also all the amazing people working towards more diversity and inclusion in STEM which includes male, female and non-binary. Secondly through STEAM Dreamers which "brings real women in STEAM role models into homes, classrooms and nonprofit programs" which is key in helping all students out there to learn more about STEAM, as professionals share their skills and expertise to "create the next generation of innovators". I'm really excited that Reinvented is celebrating it's 2nd birthday with all it's supporters through a 6-week long event - Reinvent-a-thon, from competitions to speakers to mentorship program and exciting enrichment activities, it is everything you need to be involved in STEM. Furthermore, I also joined because of my passion in the Business Field. As part of the accounting team, I've got the chance to work on creating budgets with the immense support of my manager Niyati, but also have been involved in financial tasks such as finding sponsorships and writing grant applications with the support of the Finance Development Director Palak.

Who is your favorite female STEM role model?

There are so many out there who never stop inspiring me enough and always spark that feeling that 'If they can do it, I can do it too', but one of my favourite female STEM role model has to be Maansi Nema who is the founder of STEM Without Boundaries, a nonprofit organization committed to inspiring students to pursue careers in STEM. They do this by training high school students to host successful STEM Nights in their community for elementary students by providing all the resources, mentorship, and funding, and also strive to make STEM resources accessible to everyone through their innovative programs and hands-on activities at these STEM Nights. I have been recently working with SWB and I have observed that she is incredibly committed in all the work that she does, along with being supportive and friendly. It's so amazing to see how the leadership team and Maansi plans to "build more empathy into our workplace culture and take care of mental health". I truly support SWB's belief that "STEM equity and inclusion has the power to change our future and the world. I would also like to highlight another role model, Gitanjali Rao, a young girl who became the 'TIME's 2020 Kid of the Year' through inventing an original device called Tethys which detects lead contamination in water. It is certainly great to see how she aims "to solve the world's problems" through her inventions.

Do you have any hobbies outside of Reinvented?

In terms of my hobbies, I enjoy dancing, singing, artistic activities such as painting portraits and graphic designing, helping in community service such as volunteering, watching Disney movies, exploring more about the Business field and at times to play badminton.

What is your favorite quote?

It's a hard one to quote, but I'd say my favourite quote is "All our dreams can come true, only if we have the courage to pursue them" by Walt Disney. There is so much to learn from life, and that no matter whatever obstacles may come our way, we should try and overcome those barriers through finding our inner strength, as life is not perfect but I think it's vital to embrace imperfections to become a better and stronger person.

"All our dreams can come true, only if we have the courage to pursue them."
- Walt Disney

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