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Young Female Rocket Scientist Launches Nation's First Print Magazine for Girls in STEM

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Written By: Natalie Hahn, Director of Operations

Photo: Founder, Caeley Looney

[Melbourne, Florida, June 25, 2019 -- ] Reinvented Inc. this month announced the launch of their 501(c)(3) nonprofit magazine’s first issue. Reinvented Magazine is the first of its kind, revolutionizing the classic fashion and beauty magazine young women crave with their addition of content featuring inspiring stories of women in STEM defying the odds in their field and articles covering the latest tech news.

“Growing up I was always excited to read the latest issue of Seventeen, but once I discovered my passion for engineering I started losing interest,” said Caeley Looney, Founder and Editor in Chief of Reinvented Magazine. “I didn’t care what styles were in that season or who the hottest celebs were, I wanted to read about what my role models were up to, and trust me, they weren’t the Kardashians.”

According to the National Girls Collaborative Project, women make up only 29% of the science and engineering workforce. Caeley urges that, “in order to see a change in the professional world, we need to start at the beginning by showing our daughters, sisters, and friends female role models in STEM fields at a young age.”

Their magazine’s first issue will do exactly that through content including an exclusive interview with former CTO of the United States, Megan Smith, as well as articles ranging in topic from diversity and inclusion initiatives to coverage of the Orion Launch Abort Test this July.

While there are many magazines geared towards female readers, Reinvented is the nation's first print magazine to be dedicated solely to young women aspiring to be scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians.

"Reinvented is a passion project that I honestly never thought would end up turning into something real. I've been told countless times that women want our content, and I'm excited to be able to bring it to them", said Caeley. "This magazine will not only be the first to inspire young girls to explore STEM fields, but it will empower women already in STEM careers to continue making waves."

Reinvented Inc. plans to start pre-sales for their first issue in mid-July with an initial shipping date to their first round of readers on August 1st. While Reinvented is still in the works with their writers busy conducting interviews and finalizing articles, you can learn more about them and support them today by visiting their website at You can also support them by donating to their crowdfunding campaign at .

Reinvented Inc. is a Florida-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aspires to break barriers and reinvent the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM for young women across the globe. Today, Reinvented Inc. is revolutionizing the magazine industry with their creation of Reinvented, the first magazine written for women in STEM. Their team is comprised of nearly 20 young women and men ranging from high school students to STEM professionals located all over the country that are all dedicated to diversifying STEM fields.

Media Contact Information:

Caeley Looney, Reinvented Magazine


Phone: (516) 398-2035

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