The Rise of Female Entrepreneurs: Managing Motherhood While Running a Successful Business

Written By: Sanjana Yeddula

Headshot of Rachel Trobman

In recent years, entrepreneurship has grown to be a popular field that requires intensive knowledge, creativity, and most importantly, time and patience. In fact, a study done by the Kauffman Foundation --an organization aimed to empower individuals through education and entrepreneurship -- reported that the number of entrepreneurs over the past decade has soared drastically; approximately 550,000 Americans start a new business each month, adding to this upward trend.

Clearly, being an entrepreneur is a full-time job in itself, but the added responsibilities of being a parent does not make it any easier. However, just because both situations involve high-stress circumstances and irregular hours, it doesn’t mean that pursuing both simultaneously isn’t an option.

Believe it or not, many women pull off this seemingly impossible lifestyle and rise above the traditional description of motherhood. A study commissioned by American Express in 2017 reported that 11.6 million businesses in the United States were owned by women, 60% of whom have at least one child - a substantial growth from the numbers presented a few decades ago.

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