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Support Your State: 2024 Princess Calendars

Updated: Nov 26

We are seeking donations to help us clear our list of 2024 Princesses with Powertools Calendar donation requests. Like last year, we anticipate receiving even more requests this year than ever before and that means we need your help funding these calendars so we don't have to turn any teachers away!

Find your state on the map (you can click on it to download your own copy to zoom in on) to find out how much we need to raise to clear all of the teacher requests from that state. Then, visit our donation link and donate the full amount to clear the state or contribute any amount to help bring that number down!

Be sure to add a note to your donation to let us know which state you're supporting!

We will be updating our social media pages as states get cleared or amounts get reduced! We will also be updating the map on this page throughout the day so be sure to stay tuned!


November 26, 2023: Missouri has been fully funded! New York joins the map with partial funding!

November 22, 2023: BIG DAY! We crossed THREE more states off the list: Mississippi, New Mexico, and Minnesota! Let's keep this momentum going!

November 21, 2023: Sorry for the delays in this update, but super excited to have more states funded! Hawaii, Kansas, and New Hampshire have joined the list of fully funded states! Florida has received partial funding!

November 2, 2023: Alaska and Nebraska are the next states to be fully funded and receive a green check mark! Iowa, Alabama, and Georgia have received partial donations to lower what's needed to full fund those states!

November 1, 2023: Colorado and Maine are the first states to be fully funded and receive a green check mark! Washington, Pennsylvania, and California have received donations to help lower what's needed to fund those states!

Note: The values currently shown in the map are approximations based on last year's requests. If we end up receiving less requests in a fully funded state, your donation will be reallocated to cover donation requests for an amazing teacher in a yet to be funded state.

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