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Reinvented Holiday Gift Guide

Finding the perfect gifts for loved ones isn't always easy, that's why Reinvented has put together some of our favorite STEM-related gifts to make your job even easier!


Holdette, a Reinvented fave company is focused on closing the gap between men’s and women’s pockets, especially in workwear. The Leslie Blazer and Pants have 8 pockets combined and are great for any young professional in STEM.

A bracingly honest exploration of why there are still so few women in the hard sciences, mathematics, engineering, and computer science. A great read for young women in your life entering STEM fields in college or the workforce.

This Arduino-compatible starter kit is great for that young woman who loves to code, build, and tinker. Elegoo UNO R3 Starter Kit provides an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software, which evolves the user from beginner to professional level. It is a complete kit with more than 200 components and a PDF tutorial with over 30 lessons.

Beauty and the Bolt Merch and Calendars ($)

Beauty and the bolt has an amazing collection of STEM attire from baby bibs to crop tops. We love their "Measure Twice Cut Once" Crop tops. Also, check out the NEW 2021 Princesses with Powertools Calendars featured on our website in collaboration with Beauty and the Bolt!

A twist on a classic game focusing on courageous women who changed the world. Players guess their identity by asking about their accomplishments, NOT their appearance, with questions like: Did she win a Nobel Prize? Did she make a discovery? Was she a spy?

A high-quality gift for any age!

Bring outer space into your inner sanctuary with these beautiful paintings on canvas, plates, and paper. Perfect for anyone who loves space. Their shop also features many other gift ideas like space-related puzzles and post-card sets!

Our Reinvented Minifigures are a great gift for those who want to learn about STEM careers or show their allegiance to certain STEM fields! They can be purchased as a full set of 10, set of 5, set of 3, or individually. Check them out today!

These enamel pins from Science Scribbles are a Reinvented staff fave. They are a great low-cost gift and with so many different versions you are sure to find the perfect pin for any STEM lover on your list!

For ages 10+ The Extraordinaires® Design Studio is a powerful learning tool that introduces children to the world of design, teaching them the foundations of design in a fun and engaging way. A great gift for that budding creator or designer in your life!

A perfect gift for the girl who enjoys making things! Hear stories from over 150 makers as they share the stories behind their beautiful and bold work and use this book to do some tinkering yourself.

What female engineer wouldn't love some SWE (Society of Women Engineers) Swag? They have Beanies, Gear bracelet charms, messenger bags, and more! Great for a young woman who joined or is about to join SWE.

The imagiCharm is a smart accessory that you can program to look different every day by using the imagiLabs app. Learn coding and show your projects to the world with its 64 programmable light charm that can be worn on backpacks, bags or as a keychain.

These soft pink sweatshirts are a perfect gift for girls who want to show their love of STEM in a comfy way. They are sold in adult sizes and come in two different styles!

This Hans 555 Timer IC Plushie from Circuit Playground is super cute and a great gift for any computer lovers in the making.

Happy Holidays!

-Reinvented Magazine


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