Changing the World, One Lab at a Time - How Dope Labs is Popularizing the Scientific Lens

Written By: Samyukta Iyer

For most people, terms like “molecular biologist” and “mechanical engineer” are distant scientific occupations, and for budding female scientists, they all too often seem like out of reach possibilities. But Dr. Titi Shodiya and Dr. Zakiya Whatley are on a mission to change that and show that science is for everybody.

Shodiya and Whatley are the co-hosts of the award-winning science podcast Dope Labs, where they explain how STEM is behind vibranium, friendships, and everything in between. As female scientists and PhDs, both women have extensive scientific prowess, but their critical pairing of academia and popular understanding is what makes the podcast stand out. Simply put, they “capitalize on curiosity.”

Dr. Titi Shodiya Co-founder of Dope Labs
Dr. Titi Shodiya

Dr. Shodiya attended Penn State for her undergraduate degree, where she struggled to adjust to her new environment. She went from a “high school with less than 100 people to one of the largest schools in the country.” However, this struggle ca