Issue four

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Ready for Issue Four?  We are too!  We are proud to announce that we will be shipping out our fourth issue in June, so order yours today!

Here are the Details:

- Exclusive interview with Alyssa Carson, aspiring astronaut, soon to be first person on Mars

-A fashion article on Alpha's newest Maker Line and their Giving Back program

-Everyday Changemakers series featuring interviews with Youtubers Jenstine, Professor at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Dr. Carlotta Berry, and many more

-Exclusive interviews with the engineers behind the PancakeBot

- Highlighted stories on organizations working to keep girls in STEM like MakerGirl, Girls Invent, Deaf Kids Code, and Project Invent

And more...


About Us

Our mission is to reinvent the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM for young women nationwide.

Reinvented Magazine aims to be the nation's first ever print magazine written for women in STEM by women in STEM.  Reinvented is going to break down barriers and tell the untold stories of brilliant and inspiring women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Learn more about us by clicking the button below.

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Our team cover the latest STEM news, bring you exclusive interviews, and write about awesome events

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About Us

Reinvented Inc., a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Reinventing the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM in young women nationwide.

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