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It flew! On a Christmas Tree! To like 300 ft! And they're signed by both Xyla and Joe!! And all the proceeds go to charity!


These ornaments flew on the 2022 Seasons Yeetings Christmas Tree and survived to tell the tale. You can be assured that these ornaments will come in mostly good condition (they did get launched on an M motor, so...) ready to find a new home on a less charred tree for the remainder of the holiday season.


**Note: Price may increase as demand increases during the livestream on Thursday, November 15th with Xyla Foxlin. There are a limited number of these, and once they're gone they are completely gone!

**You are going to get the ornaments in the state that they came off of the tree! No repairs or changes have been made to any of these!

Season's Yeetings Flight-Proven Ornament

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