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Our Ninth Issue is ‘Back to School’ themed. It features content including:


  • Exclusive Feature Interviews with makers Estefannie, Ruth Amos, Xyla Foxlin, and Becky Stern
  • Everyday Changemaker Series featuring interviews with rocket scientist Rachel Weeks, astronomer and diversity advocate Stella Kafka, founder and software developer Bea Gandica, and the personality behind Glitter and Geodes, Philly G
  • Back to School themed articles on resume building, how to create your back to school wardrobe, adding plants to your office or dorm tips
  • A how-to guide on developing your first app
  • Our usual Ask Gloria advice column, opportunities board, and a DIY Smart Mirror tutorial
  • Plus so much more!


And don’t forget that for every one magazine bought, up to one copy is donated to girls in low-income or underserved communities via our One-for-One Program!



**We are now able to accept international orders!!**

Ninth Issue: Print Magazine

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