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Our Fourteenth Issue is all about aerospace. It features content including:


  • Exclusive Feature Interview with Blue Origin astronaut Katya Echazarreta
  • Everyday Changemaker Series featuring interviews with Girls in Aerospace founder Karolina Dubiel, analog astronaut Eleni Charitonos, aerospace manufacturer Shakira Ramos Crespos, and human spaceflight researcher Lauren Savage
  • Interviews with the Founder of Apis Cor, Anna Cheniuntai, and Hot Nozzle Society, Jenna Kay Foertsch
  • An introductory guide to high-powered rocketry
  • A space-themed coding tutorial DIY article by Codecraft
  • Reinvented's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide
  • Our usual Ask Gloria advice column, opportunities board, and more!



And don’t forget that for every one magazine bought, up to one copy is donated to girls in low-income or underserved communities via our One-for-One Program!


**We are now able to accept international orders!!**

Fourteenth Issue: Print Magazine

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