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2021: Year in Review

Princesses (and a past interviewee!) at SWE's Invent It Build It in Indiana

This winter, I'm grateful for you: our number one fan. It has honesty been an incredible year for Reinvented, all thanks to your infinite love and support. We truly would not be making this big of an impact with each and every one of you. So let's take a quick look at our year in review.

Caeley & Avantika attend the in-person ILEW Event in Chicago, IL

Reinvented Magazine celebrated our second birthday on May 20, 2021. Since the start of the year, we've published our seventh, eighth, and ninth issues (currently working on Issue No. 10) featuring empowering women in STEM such as Lisa Mae Brunson, Myria Perez, Raven the Science Maven, Estefannie, Ruth Amos, Xyla Foxlin, and Becky Stern.

Thanks to some really awesome donors, including the panel of 'sharks' on the Clubhouse show Pitch Your Nonprofit, our One-for-One Program reached more girls than ever before. As you all know, accessibility is HUGE for us. We want to make sure that everyone has access to our magazine regardless of socioeconomic status or location, and that's why we donate magazines through this program. This year we donated nearly 6,000 magazines, where nearly 4,000 of them specifically went to girls in low income and underserved areas.

Caeley surrounded by magazines about to be donated

At the start of the pandemic we kickstarted our series of virtual events, like STEAM Dreamers, Invent with Reinvented, and Byte Sized. Those programs continued to thrive and grow in 2021. We even hosted our first Reinvent-a-thon, a free, virtual STEM competition filled with speakers, STEM activities, AND a mentorship program. We had over 150 participants from all over the globe and received many very impressive entries!

Our Teacher Care Packages were back this year and were yet again a huge hit! Thanks to our sponsors (big shout out to L3Harris for being our presenting sponsor again) we were able to sponsor 238 teachers, sending each a care package filled with goodies specifically geared towards teachers and their mental health.

Teacher getting her 2021 Teacher Care Package!

Finally, when we merged with Beauty and the Bolt at the end of last year, we took over their Princesses with Powertools Program. While COVID didn't allow us to attend events last year, we brought the program to 3 events this year. I think our princesses can officially consider them jetsetters since they've taught over 500 girls how to use their first powertool in 3 different states! We even have events and event requests lined up for next year already!

Princesses at Maker Faire Orlando, ready to teach kids how to use powertools!

Sorry for the long post, but I truly am so proud of everything our organization has accomplished this year and everything that we have to look forward to in 2022!

Which brings me to our request.

We truly can't make this impact without your help. We work hard to make sure that every single girl has the opportunity to be introduced to STEM, and we are calling on you to help us achieve that. There are many ways to give back, and we hope that you'll consider donating to Reinvented Inc. this holiday season to help us continue to do the work we are doing.

No donation is too small, and every penny goes right back into helping us empower the next generation of female scientists, technologists, mathematicians, makers, and engineers.

We may have the princesses, the powertools, and the stories, but without you we can't run our programs. You are the true changemaker.

Happy Holidays,

Caeley Looney

CEO & Founder, Reinvented Inc.

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