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How to Restore your iPhone Manually or via iCloud to Original Factory Settings

Apple provides many features that we don't know about and with applications that bring many benefits, such as , fitness assistants, etc. However, sometimes it can even break. Sometimes, you may find the need to restore your iPhone to original factory settings when it starts hanging or when the screen goes black. It may be due to the use of pirated apps on your mobile which allows viruses and other harmful apps to damage your mobile performance.

Below are the steps which you can follow if you want to restore your iPhone manually:

Recognize the Need to Restore: See, if you really need to restore your iPhone as it will delete all the data from your mobile including pictures, contacts, messages, and videos.

Connect to PC: Connect your iPhone to your PC via USB. Plug-in the USB cable and Apple iTunes will launch automatically. When connected, your device will be under the head ‘Devices’ on the left-side panel of iTunes.

Backup your Device: Back-Up your device data on PC via iTunes. When ‘Automatically Sync When this Phone is Connected’ option is selected, your iTunes will start backing up your device as soon as your device is connected to PC. Any new content added to your phone will automatically be backed up on iTunes.

Restore: Go to the information page of your device where you will see two buttons ‘Check for Update’ and ‘Restore’. Click on the Restore button to start restoring. A dialog box will appear warning you about the deletion of all data if you go through with the restore process.

Restoring Process: A dialog box will appear notifying you about the progress of the restore process. Several other messages will also appear during the iPhone restore process. Don’t disconnect your phone.

Completion of Restoring Process: When the process completes, a dialog box will appear with the message ‘Your iPhone has been restored to factory settings and is restarting. Please leave your iPhone connected. It will appear in the iTunes window after it restarts.’

Restarting Phone: When the phone restarts, it will prompt you about its connection to iTunes. A new message will appear for activation of the phone and in a few minutes, your phone will be activated.

However, you can also restore your device without connecting to iTunes. Follow the following steps:

Tap on the Menu button.

Tap on Settings.

Tap on General Tab.

Find the Reset option and Tap on it.

You can choose the things which you can reset or you can go through with ‘Erase All Content And Settings’ option.

Confirm it by tapping on ‘Yes.’

It will take a few minutes before your phone restarts and you can start afresh with your iPhone.

Hope those iPhone restore tips are helpfu for you!

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