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What do you want to write about? You need a topic first. If you're new to writing "for the sake of writing", start with a personal story. Not sure what to write about? Make a list of all the ideas you could write about and pick the most interesting or fun one.

Introduction This is your first paragraph. You'll do well if you grab the reader's attention from the start. Here essay writer also ensure that what follows is worth reading and that you are the right person to tell the story.

Divide into main points If you're writing a how-to-do-this-thing essay (tips), break it down into steps. If you're writing about tops or rankings, divide each one into paragraphs and add bullet points (⚫), ticks (✔ ) or numbered paragraphs (1,2,3...). For essays describing a place or situation, you won't need to highlight each paragraph. It's easier to read and nicely arranged. Once you have the most important points, go back to each one and expand on them. And one more thing, don't write very long paragraphs ( maximum 5-6 sentences ) - don't scare the reader!

Conclusion At this stage of writing, you can rephrase the above ideas into a few sentences or list the most important things in the whole essay. End with a piece of advice, a challenge or an exhortation to your reader.

Reread and edit Read your essay quickly but carefully, looking for mistakes or typos and make sure your ideas are presented clearly and understandably.

Write a title You can write it at the beginning so you can always see it and make sure you stay on topic. If you come up with a title after you have written the article, it should represent the main idea. Think of a headline that will grab the attention of all readers.

Follow these tips and don't be afraid to write at your own pace. We wish you lots of imagination and success!

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