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Management Information Systems

The Master of Science degree program Management Information Systems at Warren National University focuses on the development, maintenance and management of information systems. Development and maintenance of systems in management for control of the business enterprise are explored at all program levels. Coursework in management of the ensuing systems is explored more fully in the Master of Science degree program. The goal of the graduate program is to ensure students are capable of directing effective utilization and management of information systems resources within the business enterprise.

The Bachelor of Science program in Business Administration at Warren National Universityoffers students the basic practical considerations and applications of the discipline in topical areas chosen to enhance capabilities and improve career potential. The doctoral program builds upon the content laid down in the Master's program while providing considerably more in-depth exposure, orienting itself toward those students with senior management potential.

Specific courses provide the student with a sample of the most current programming techniques. Additional courses are offered to enhance the students' understanding of software development and provide an understanding of the theory involved in computer systems development.

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