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Currently, I am working as a Mathematics Instructor at The Asian University for Women which is based in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I am engaging with individual faculty, academic department, and university administration in supporting the mission of AUW that is to improve the condition of Asian Women in general and in particular women from rural, poor and other disadvantaged populations, including those who are refugees or otherwise deemed to be stateless. I have seen the ongoing inequalities between the women from the Global North and the Global South both from academic and real-life perspectives. These enormous inequalities mainly exists for not having proper education and economic freedom. Therefore, as a future leader I want to ensure a globalized education system for female children all over the world which will empower them. My main area of mathematical interest is in Analysis more specifically in harmonic functional analysis and their interaction. Most importantly, I would like to complete my research in STEM fields to gain and share knowledge, empowering women to learn from others and better understand the world.

Anjuman Ara Rashid
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