Last year 501(c)(3) nonprofit Beauty and the Bolt set out to create a calendar featuring the classic Princesses many of us grew up with. Too often, young girls are presented the idea that they can either be a princess or an engineer; we are proving they can be both. This year, Reinvented Magazine is working with Beauty and the Bolt to put together another set of 12 incredible women in STEM and the Trades doing their work in a princess gown: the Princesses with Power Tools Calendar.


Check out the Princess With Powertools page under Shop to see our 2021 Princesses!


Free shipping within the United States Unfortunately due to some heavy delays currently being experienced by USPS, we cannot guarantee that these calendars will arrive before the holidays. However, we are adding a gift option (new this year) so we can make sure that whoever is receiving the calendar knows that it's on it way before the holidays hit!

Princesses With Power Tools 2021 Calendar

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