Our Fifth Issue will feature content including:

  • Exclusive Interview with Svetlana from Kamui Cosplay, showing off her extraordinary maker-centric cosplay designs just in time for Halloween!
  • Discussion on how to manage and take care of your mental health amidst all of the craziness keeping us home right now
  • A story highlighting the origins of the Maker Movement, including an exclusive interview with Founder of MakerFaire, Sherry Huss
  • Advice Column Run by Gloria Kimbwala
  • 'Meet Your Maker' series featuring interviews with Julielynn Wong, MD, Maker and Nonprofit Founder Xyla Foxlin, Ashely Awalt, Erin St, Blaine, and Lorraine Underwood
  • Interview with Host of Mythbusters Jr., Allie Weber
  • Articles talking about electronics, 3D printing, and hacking
  • And so much more!

And don't forget that for every magazine bought, up to one copy is donated to girls in low-income or rural areas!


**We are now able to accept international orders!!**


**This is for pre-sale only.  All print copies of Issue 5 will begin mailing towards the end of September. Once the pre-sale period is over, there is no guaruntee that sales of this issue will open up again.**

Fifth Issue: Digital Magazine

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