Last year 501(c)(3) nonprofit Beauty and the Bolt set out to create a calendar featuring the classic Princesses many of us grew up with. Too often, young girls are presented the idea that they can either be a princess or an engineer; we are proving they can be both. This year, Reinvented Magazine is working with Beauty and the Bolt to put together another set of 12 incredible women in STEM and the Trades doing their work in a princess gown: the Princesses with Power Tools Calendar.


We want to get calendars into as many classrooms as possible, so young girls all across the nation can see their role models as soon as they walk into class! Help us by donating a calendar to a classroom today! 


Please Note: You will not be able to select the classroom in which you want the calendar donated to via this option. We will be opening up a request form for teachers to submit if they'd like a calendar donated to their classroom. Calendars donated via this store item will go to teachers who submit the form. If you wish to donate to a specific classroom, please purchase a regular calendar, check 'yes' for the gift option, and make sure you put the recipient's address in the shipping address field at check out!


Check out the Princesses with Powertools calendar page under shop to see our outstanding 2021 Princesses!


Donate a Calendar to a Classroom

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