Lindsey Cross: Tech Entrepreneur Talks Inspiration and Shares Career Advice

By: Meghana Krishna

Growing up, Lindsey Cross wasn’t very fond of STEM. An athlete with a love for writing, Lindsey had career aspirations unrelated to math or science.

“When I was younger, my goal was to become the first woman in the NBA or a journalist,” Lindsey laughs.

Though she has yet to achieve NBA fame, the Aurora, Colorado native has made a name for herself in the tech arena. Now a mechanical design engineer for Sphero, Lindsey develops robotic toys that change the way kids experience coding. She is the founder and owner of a tech consulting firm that helps inventors bring their products to life. In her free time, Lindsey also mentors youth interested in tech, sharing career and life advice.

Lindsey’s interest in math and physics was sparked by her high school calculus teacher, a former NASA engineer with a passion for STEM that rubbed off on her.

“At first, I was almost ashamed to be into physics and math,” Lindsey says. “I didn’t really think that kind of stuff was cool. But my calculus teacher would get so excited about the topics he taught that I couldn’t help but to share in that feeling.”

Upon graduation, Lindsey enrolled at the University of Southern California. During her first semester, she befriended Kara, an aspiring aeronautical engineer who lived in her dorm. Lindsey became intrigued by the projects Kara worked on and was fascinated by the concepts she learned in class. Inspired further by the growing aerospace industry in the Los Angeles area, Lindse