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Letter from the Chief Operating Officer [09-09-2019]

COO Natalie Hahn

By: Natalie Hahn

Hello Readers,

My name is Natalie Hahn, and I am the Chief Operating Officer for Reinvented Magazine.

As many of you know, Hurricane Dorian was expected to make landfall in Florida this past week, and many of our staff were ordered to evacuate to ensure their safety. While I am extremely thankful that the hurricane avoided Florida and that our team members are safe, I deeply sympathize with all who were impacted by this natural disaster. To find out how you can help those affected, please visit Charity Navigator.

Hurricane Dorian also delayed our shipping dates, launch party, and many of our day-to-day operations. For the full press release regarding how Reinvented Magazine was impacted, please visit our website.

The idea of this magazine was a long-shot dream for our Editor in Chief, Caeley Looney, and now it has become a reality! The magazines are set to be shipped next week thanks to our outstanding volunteers who pour their heart, soul, and time into making every page, social media post, article—and more—amazing.

Reinvented Magazine Team:

Caeley Looney | Erin Mitchell | Lavanya Sharma | Natalie Hahn | Alice Ao | Aparna Rajesh | Vilina Mehta | Beth Chwialkowski | Daniela Markazi | Ria Vora | Rachel Weeks | Peyton Paulson | Madeline Feigles | Merrill Keating | Rachell Frank | Emily Miller | Abigail Johnson | Erin Robinson | Hana Gabrielle Bidon | Madeleine Salem | Mary Spraggs | Meghana Krishna | Sanjana Yeddula | Sara Kazemi | Christina Chen | Elaine Zheng | Hariti Patel

It is an honor and a privilege to be able to lead this team of individuals. The hard work and dedication I see them put into the magazine on a day-to-day basis is inspiring in so many ways. I am happy to call each and every one of these individuals my friends.

I cannot wait to see our readers’ reactions when they open our magazine for the first time. Hang tight—the wait is almost over!

Fly High with Blue Skies,

Natalie Hahn

Chief Operating Officer



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