STEAM Dreamers

video series

Reinvented STEAM Dreamers brings real women in STEAM role models into homes, classrooms, and nonprofit programs. Our goal is to make it easy for professionals to share their skills and expertise bringing real-world, authentic information to students to create the next generation of innovators.

The first part begins with 3-5min videos submitted by women in STEAM careers. These quick videos will give students a glimpse into the world of STEAM and what these women do in these careers.  


The second part is an interactive virtual career conference. Our third conference will take place on July 31st, highlighting many of the women from the videos and others to be on a panel. They will go into more detail about their STEAM career and answer any questions from participants.




All our videos will be posted on our YouTube channel, so make sure you subscribe to it by clicking on the video on the left!



STEAM Dreamers JanuaryPanel

Jan 30, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM EST