Workshop series



Invent with Reinvented connects students with passionate individuals for thirty to sixty minutes of high impact, STEAM knowledge, targeted towards high school and early college-aged girls. From coding and technology to chemistry and topology, Reinvented will provide short, free, and virtual lessons to womxn of all ages. The goal is that these womxn will use this knowledge as a launching pad, propelling them into successful STEAM careers. 


These workshops will be hosted biweekly starting on October 11th. Although workshop times might change, we guarantee that every workshop will take place over the weekend to ensure that all our audience members are able to join. These workshops will not be recorded, and we hope to see you live!


Upcoming Workshops

Workshop 6

January 24th, TBA

Wonders of Web - An Introduction to HTML

Workshop 7

February 7th, TBA

Details coming soon!

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Workshop 8

February 21st, TBA

Details coming soon!

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