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General Volunteer

Reports directly to the CEO in helping with miscellaneous team tasks, such as marketing campaigns, event preparation, managing our free digital magazine campaign, scheduling, magazine distribution, and more. While you will not belong to a specific department, this is a good intermediary position to introduce you to all of the departments and roles within the Reinvented team.

Estimated Hours Per Week: Up to you, no set requirements

Staff Writer

Staff Writers are responsible for writing at least one (1) article per month for our online blog.  They will be expected to attend and coordinate virtual interviews for their articles as necessary, and complete any necessary article revisions in reasonable time frame.  All Staff Writers start writing exclusively for our online blog.  Once they have provided a few articles for the blog, they can be promoted to our print magazine's Writing Staff.

Estimated Hours Per Week: 4 - 5 Hours (does not include meetings)

Marketing Staff

General Marketing Staff Members are onboarded by the Marketing Onboarding Manager. They are given the opportunity to learn about all of the different roles under the Marketing Department before being assigned a more specific role. They are tasked with helping out where needed, which can include working on marketing campaigns, social media management and content creation, media outreach, and more.

Estimated Hours Per Week:  2 - 3 Hours (does not include weekly meetings)

Social Media Graphic Designer

Social Media Graphic Designers are expected to create custom graphics for our social media platform using Canva or other software design tools such as Adobe products.  Graphic Designers will ideally be someone with good graphic design or illustration skills, and they will be responsible for creating 3 - 4 graphics a week.

Estimated Hours Per Week:  3 - 4 Hours (does not include weekly meetings)

Publishing Staff

Publishing Staff Members report directly to the Editor in Chief (EIC) in aiding in managing, advising on, and producing the magazine's print and digital content.  They are responsible for maintaining a healthy relationship with our printer and requesting printing quotes as needed.  Publishing Staff Members also maintain both our print and digital distribution lists.

Estimated Hours Per Week:  2 - 3 Hours (more time expected in the weeks leading up to a print run)

Creative Staff

The Creative Team is in charge of Reinvented Magazine's graphic design. The main responsibilities of this role range from creating the magazine layout for publication, designing custom graphics for social media posts, curating logos for internal and external events, designing merchandise, updating the website design, and creating all promotional materials including posters, banners, slide decks, flyers, etc. Our four teams within this department are: Magazine, Merchandise, Branding, and Website Design -- team placement will be decided based on the application submission.

Estimated Hours Per Week: 3 - 5 Hours (does not include weekly meetings)

About Us.

Reinvented Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

reinventing the general perception of women in STEM fields while inspiring interest in STEM in young women nationwide.



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