Byte Sized

Byte Sized is a new series presented by Reinvented Magazine that aims to help high-school and college aged students achieve their career goals through 15 minute videos on topics such as resume writing, leveraging LinkedIn, and getting internships in their chosen field. Videos will be released on the 15th of every month on the Reinvented YouTube channel and will feature Reinvented talented staff and partners that show impressive expertise and have made impressive achievements in their fields!



Nikki Chun

November 2020

Originally from Honolulu, Nikki Chun is a first-generation college student now in her 17th year of working in college admissions. She began her journey at the University of Miami, continued at Rice University and is currently the Director of Undergraduate Admissions at the California Institute of Technology. In recent years, Caltech has committed itself  to increasing the enrollment of students from historically underrepresented backgrounds in STEM.

Andrea Kimberlin Lawrence

December 2020


Andrea Kimberlin Lawrence is a Senior Software Cloud Engineer with ten years of experience in the IT industry. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems and has been a college campus recruiter for over five years. As such, she attends college career fairs, screens candidates, and conducts interviews to finalize new hires.

Avika Patel

January 2021

Avika Patel is a freshman at Stanford University studying Computer Science and Management Science & Engineering. She is also the Chief Creative Officer of Reinvented Magazine. With years of experience giving and receiving feedback for tech projects, business interactions, and design reviews, she brings her knowledge and experience to help viewers learn the best ways of providing constructive feedback.

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